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First Fiction

I’ve uploaded the first chapter of OCULAR RIFT, my novel-in-progress, on Wattpad (updated weekly). Comments appreciated. Read it here, free. Summary: In Central, a city perched between mountain and bay, citizens are divided by version. Immersives like Hana rank highest among them. First generation with a Birthseed implant, she’s fast-tracked to enter the tech elite when her progress…

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Election Day 2016

Hello America, how are you? I understand you’ve gone through a lot these past few months. People are pretty worked up. I know, I know, all the statistics say the economy is better now than four years ago. Unemployment is down. The stock market is up. The weather’s not bad either. Pretty warm around here…

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Is the Excitement Gone? Apple’s Incremental Innovation

Attention to detail. Finely crafted technology that opened up new ways of working and playing. Re-defining the user experience. That’s Apple’s hallmark ever since the Mac debuted decades ago. Today’s latest product event, replete with videos that ended abruptly as if not quite finished, demonstrations that failed to ignite the imagination and product features that,…

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How to Build a Successful Executive Intelligence Capability

In Part 1 we looked at why firms need executive intelligence and the challenges companies face in terms of capturing value from the onslaught of global data. In Part 2 we look  at the foundations for building a successful executive intelligence capability. Here are three main components to consider. 1) Patterns in Digital Anthropology –…

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What the China Stock Market Crash Really Tells Us (and What It Doesn’t)

Monday morning headlines were more sobering than a double shot of espresso, adding anxiety to an already tumultuous few weeks in China. The Shanghai index dropped 8.5%, in one day, again. This after a see-saw struggle to regain momentum with similar drops from mid-June’s dizzying peak of over 5,000. The consequences of such a serious…

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China Devaluation Latest Sign of Market Weakness

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) devalued the renminbi yesterday in the latest sign that market forces continue to weaken in the world’s second largest economy. Exports have fallen. Growth is likely far slower than the official 7% rate. Electricity usage is down. Steel production has declined. Infrastructure investment yields less impact. Even demographics highlight…

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Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is In North Korea?

In yet another bizarre move by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, official time in Pyongyang will officially roll back 30 minutes on August 15th. While not unheard of in the annals of geopolitics (New Delhi and Islamabad diverge by half an hour as well), the move is a decidedly cold war maneuver that matters…

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Why Firms Need Executive Intelligence (and not just social monitoring)

This is part one in a multi-part exploration of new developments in the field of executive intelligence. Most large firms now monitor the web and social media for comments about their products. Graphs and charts detail the likes, shares, words, demographics and geography of an increasingly global customer base. Many of these companies are not…

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U.S. Needs an Asia Re-Pivot

Legacy must be on Obama’s mind these days as his two-term presidency nears an end. It might seem early, but the approaching 2016 election cycle starts in earnest as soon as Hilary Clinton announces her candidacy. That could be only months away. Then the media cycle fills with coverage of every presidential hopeful’s latest utterance…

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Losing Iraq

It should come as no surprise that winning the peace in Iraq after winning the war a decade earlier proves harder in practice than in theory. After years of occupation, an election and billions of dollars in U.S. funding, the all-inclusive society of Shi’ites, Sunnis and Kurds has failed to materialize. A new military built…

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