Ten Foreign Policy Priorities for Obama – CNN Commentary

(From CNN GPS – full list here.) Barack Obama has won reelection as America’s president. But while the economy – and avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff – will inevitably take up much of his time, there are numerous foreign policy challenges facing the next administration. GPS asked 10 leading foreign policy analysts to name 10 things that Obama should focus on next. The views expressed are, of course, the authors’ own.

Drop China ambiguity

By Brian Klein

Brian P. Klein is a global strategist and former U.S. diplomat. He blogs at Klein’s Commentary.

China’s economic rise and increasing military assertiveness have pushed U.S. strategic ambiguity to its limits. If a decisive position isn’t taken soon, allies and friendly countries will question whether the U.S. can back up its Asia pivot talk with action. Focusing on realistic trade liberalization, increased military contacts with China and firm engagement rather than the blame and shame tactics of the past must become a priority.

Meanwhile, the once vaunted Arab Spring, so full of promise and democratic zeal, shows signs of entering a long dark winter. Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsy whittles away at reforms in the marginally secular republic, while Syria’s civil war now threatens regional stability, with conflict overflowing into Turkey and Lebanon. Boots on the ground may not be an option, but a focused effort to influence, if not completely resolve these destabilizing trends will be essential to restoring peace.

2 thoughts on “Ten Foreign Policy Priorities for Obama – CNN Commentary

  • November 9, 2012 at 5:02 am

    The Arab Spring was Winter from the getgo – can’t imagine who would consider it full of promise in the first place other than the media outlets announcing
    democracy at work. Better they stick to Lady Gaga and Beyonce announcing her pregnancy……….

  • November 13, 2012 at 2:17 am

    It is interesting that Latin America–or the lack of Latin America being mentioned–as a foreign policy objective is quite complicated and has far-reaching consequences for the unipolar world. The continents leftward shift has had DC hawks uneasy for over a decade and lots of US taxpayer money is being used in black budgets for “Latin America projects.”

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