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Global Economy

Crisis in the Global Middle Class – Part II

World Politics Review, 8/7/12


Crisis in the Global Middle Class – Part I

World Politics Review, 8/6/12

The Rise of Global Feudalism

The Diplomat, April 7, 2012

Industrialized nations are facing their greatest economic threat in nearly a century – a troubled middle class losing its purchasing power to drive world growth.


Tamed Tigers, Distressed Dragon

Foreign Affairs, July 2009, Authors: Brian P. Klein, Kenneth Neil Cukier

For decades, Asian economies used exports to the West as a means of growth. If they hope to sustainably expand their economies deep structural changes are needed including higher wages and increased domestic consumption.



How Not to Invest in Myanmar*

Foreign Affairs, 7/25/12, * Full article available here.


Decision Time for Asian Regional Trade

Newsweek Japan [print edition only], January 18, 2012

Action finally replaced lofty ideals when U.S. President Obama took center stage at the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) gathering this past November. Prospects for regional trade had its long-awaited breakthrough after years of political inattention, drawn-out speeches and endless consultations.


Asia’s Challenges for Obama

Far Eastern Economic Review (.pdf file via CFR website), November 2008

As China-Taiwan bilateral relations continue to improve, the main concern in the early part of the Obama administration is likely to be China’s adjustment to a new economic model. . .


Regional Security

Can China, Japan Avoid Clash in 2013?

CNN Global Public Square, 01/25/13

Conflict in the South China Sea

Newsweek Japan [Print edition, Japanese], September, 2012

Has the UN Lost Its Peacekeeping Mandate?

CNN Global Public Square, 9/4/12

The Next Battlefield Will Be The South China Sea

Business Insider, 8/24/12


Will Kim Jong Un’s Leadership Be Music to U.S. Ears?

CNN Global Public Square, 7/27/12


North Korea Misfires

New York Times/International Herald Tribune, May 27, 2009

In another provocative move, Pyongyang has test-fired more missiles and declared a second nuclear test a success, rattling not only the ground in China but the international nonproliferation community as well.


Focus on East Asia Security

Gulf News and South China Morning Post, January 12, 2009

The current struggle against piracy off the east coast of Africa offers a low risk opportunity for US-Japan-China cooperation.


What Goes Around Comes Around for Russia

The Japan Times, September 19, 2008

Russia invades an eastern European republic, sends its navy to Latin America for military exercises in America’s backyard, and threatens to cut off energy supplies to western Europe. 2008 has marked the re-emergence of Russia after a two-decade hiatus. . .



China’s latest snub undermines its leadership case

CNN Global Public Square, 10/11/12

China’s Middle Class

Newsweek Japan [Print edition, Japanese], September, 2012

Why China Needs a PR Makeover

CNN Global Public Square, 9/11/12

The Slower Road in China

China-U.S. Focus, June 5, 2012

The next few months will reveal whether the central government can really turn the growth taps on and off at will. Quality now matters more than quantity alone.


The U.S. and China Race to the Middle

China-U.S. Focus, November 9, 2011

As the world economy continues its increasingly tenuous recovery it would be tempting to stick with the dominant narrative – Asia’s inevitable rise and the decline of the West.


American Perspectives on U.S. VP Biden’s visit to China

China-U.S. Focus, August 25, 2011

The U.S.-China economic and political relationship is under increasing strain resulting from a number of incidents including the South China Sea, market distortions affecting the trading relationship, and the ability of U.S. companies to compete fairly in China.


The Danger to China’s Economy

The-Diplomat.com, August 9, 2011

Serious questions are surfacing about China’s state-led economic management. Massive overcapacity in infrastructure, stubbornly high inflation and a pile of potentially bad bank loans are undermining historic economic reforms only half completed.



How to Reshape Post-Crisis Japan

Council on Foreign Relations, April 13, 2011, Authors: Brian P. Klein, David Abraham

Japan’s ability to rebound from its triple disaster in March will require more than just rebuilding; it will demand restructuring in areas from energy and farm policy to decentralization of power.


Can China Lift Japan Out of Recession

Council on Foreign Relations, April 10, 2009

China’s stimulus will not have a significant short-term impact on Japan’s ailing economy. . .