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South China Sea First Test for U.S. Shift – Business Insider Article

Tensions are rising again in Southeast Asia as competing claims over the resource rich South China Sea push closer to boiling point. One would hope that countries in the region would take concerted action. That hope would be misplaced. An increasingly militarized land and sea grab continues despite calls for peaceful resolution. With the U.S. in full Asian tilt,…

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Reading (and Misreading) China’s Economy

A wave of articles and data have come out in the last few weeks on the current and future state of China’s economy. Like the Beijing air, there’s nothing clear about what’s going on in the world’s second largest economy, let alone where China may end up by year’s end. Sometimes it’s all blue skies,…

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The Week That Was (and Wasn’t)

Walking Backwards into the Future – In a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling upholding President Obama’s healthcare bill the U.S. finally joined the rest of the developed world of 60 years ago with universal coverage. China joined the space world of 50 years ago with a successful orbital docking mission, including a safe return to earth of…

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Mid-Day Note: Global Economic Data Disappoints

U.S. economy still lags. Today’s U.S. housing and consumer confidence figures failed to signal a real economic rebound. This after Moody’s downgrades of fifteen banks last week, including Goldman Sachs, and earlier Federal Reserve data* showing U.S. household net wealth plunging over 40 percent between 2007-2010. That’s an entire generation of wealth creation gone in…

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China’s Foreign Banking Troubles

In James McGregor’s 2005 book “One Billion Customers” eager investors were warned about the pitfalls of doing business in China. Many U.S. firms, mostly large and concentrated in the hotel, machinery, commodities, and higher-end consumer goods segments have overcome these challenges and done spectacularly well. Financial firms on the other hand have hit a policy…

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Commentary: The Slower Road in China

There’s an unusually cool breeze blowing from across the Pacific as spring gives way to an uneasy summer. China’s stringent government efforts to reign in an overheating economy marked a welcome pause in the hottest growth story of the century. The depths of the slowdown, however point to a less manageable set of problems after…

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Xi Jinping Business Luncheon

The crowd of 600 or so business and diplomatic leaders snaked their way through the security lines at the Marriot Wardman this morning while flag waving supporters gathered outside. Henry Kissinger set the geopolitical context with a reminder on the need for greater U.S.-China ties. The alternatives would be disastrous for both, he emphasized. In…

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Can China Lift Japan Out of Recession?

Hopes are high and rising that a near-term China recovery, fueled by an estimated $587 billion stimulus plan and massive bank lending, will be a boon to Japan’s ailing export sector. This new demand is expected to lift China out of recession even before the United States and Europe recover. China’s stimulus, however, is neither…

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