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Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is In North Korea?

In yet another bizarre move by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, official time in Pyongyang will officially roll back 30 minutes on August 15th. While not unheard of in the annals of geopolitics (New Delhi and Islamabad diverge by half an hour as well), the move is a decidedly cold war maneuver that matters…

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Asia Tensions Reach New Highs

North Korea’s rounds of provocation tempered with inaction continue to challenge regional powers. Sanctions appear to have had little affect on the new regime, but perhaps some additional pressure from China, one of their last remaining allies, has put the fear of complete isolation into the minds of Pyongyang’s leadership. Now that the new Kim…

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North Korea Misfires (Again)

Playing the same song (I was going to say record) over and over again gets old. And quoting oneself is lazy for a writer, but North Korea’s latest missile launch is so similar, in geopolitical terms, to its 2009 foray into the rocket business that I couldn’t help myself. From a May 27, 2009 NYT…

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CNN Article – North Korea’s New Leader

Will Kim Jong-un’s Leadership be Music to U.S. Ears? Synopsis: Disney characters dancing on stage, women wearing short skirts, and a country’s new leader making speeches, smiling, and glad-handing military officers. In most places around the world, that’s nothing unusual. But for North Korea, it marks a sea change in image if not quite reality….

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Deutsche Welle Radio Interview on Regime Change in North Korea

Disha Uppal finds out more about Kim Jong Un from Brian Klein of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, who is currently in Tokyo. Audio of the 6/4/09 interview. Related New York Times article: “North Korea Misfires“, 5/27/09.