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How to Reshape Post-Crisis Japan

Japan’s ability to rebound from its triple disaster in March will require more than just rebuilding; it will demand restructuring in areas from energy and farm policy to decentralization of power, write Brian P. Klein and CFR’s David S. Abraham. (more)

Klein/Cukier Foreign Affairs article mentioned in the Financial Times

Financial Times columinst David Pillig discusses Asia’s over reliance on exports and my co-authored Foreign Affairs article with Kenn Cukier. Asia will struggle to escape its export trap, David Pilling, June 25 2009 “As a forthcoming article by Brian Klein and Kenneth Cukier in the journal Foreign Affairs points out, Asia’s export-dependent economies – with…

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Deutsche Welle Radio Interview on Regime Change in North Korea

Disha Uppal finds out more about Kim Jong Un from Brian Klein of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations, who is currently in Tokyo. Audio of the 6/4/09 interview. Related New York Times article: “North Korea Misfires“, 5/27/09.

Can China Lift Japan Out of Recession?

Hopes are high and rising that a near-term China recovery, fueled by an estimated $587 billion stimulus plan and massive bank lending, will be a boon to Japan’s ailing export sector. This new demand is expected to lift China out of recession even before the United States and Europe recover. China’s stimulus, however, is neither…

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