Klein/Cukier Foreign Affairs article mentioned in the Financial Times

Financial Times columinst David Pillig discusses Asia’s over reliance on exports and my co-authored Foreign Affairs article with Kenn Cukier.

Asia will struggle to escape its export trap, David Pilling, June 25 2009

“As a forthcoming article by Brian Klein and Kenneth Cukier in the journal Foreign Affairs points out, Asia’s export-dependent economies – with the important exception of China – have fared even worse than the western economies where the lightning of the financial crisis struck. Taiwan’s exports shrank in the last quarter of 2008 by 42 per cent, while production dropped at a faster rate than the US experienced during the Great Depression. Similarly sharp contractions have happened all over Asia.”

Foreign Affairs article summary.

Can China Lift Japan Out of Recession?

Hopes are high and rising that a near-term China recovery, fueled by an estimated $587 billion stimulus plan and massive bank lending, will be a boon to Japan’s ailing export sector. This new demand is expected to lift China out of recession even before the United States and Europe recover. China’s stimulus, however, is neither large enough nor necessarily supportive enough of foreign imports to have a significant short-term impact on Japan’s rapidly deteriorating economy.

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