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India Poised to Gain as China Troubles in South China Sea Escalate

The recent Philippine-Vietnam announcement on a coordinated response to China’s latest ocean drilling marks a significant shift in regional relations. Strains have been growing for some time. An unenforceable territorial dispute process has failed to resolve competing claims and anti-foreign sentiment is on the rise (in both Vietnam with riots against foreign factories and changing…

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Asia Tensions Reach New Highs

North Korea’s rounds of provocation tempered with inaction continue to challenge regional powers. Sanctions appear to have had little affect on the new regime, but perhaps some additional pressure from China, one of their last remaining allies, has put the fear of complete isolation into the minds of Pyongyang’s leadership. Now that the new Kim…

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Asia Integration Leaves U.S. Behind

You can’t blame them for trying. U.S. trade negotiators have been at it for years but conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) keeps receding over the horizon. A June deadline was floated and then passed quietly by. The end of 2012 came next (here and almost gone). Japan and possibly even Korea thought of joining…

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China Port (2009)

Asia by the Numbers

(UPDATE 10/8/12: Both the World Bank and Asian Development Bank have lowered 2012 growth forecasts for China and Asia.) Remember those halcyon days of unending Asia growth and the re-birth of a Silk Road century? Cherish the memories. Nothing but negative news keeps flowing out of regional giants these days. Expert debates rage on about…

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Asia Slowdown Hits Vietnam

You can’t argue with growth, until it slows, and slower it goes in parts of emerging Asia. Countries like Vietnam, long believed immune to the troubles of industrialized nations are now in the throes of their own domestic economic downturn. The culprit turns out not to be currency speculators or international financial institutions demanding draconian…

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South China Sea First Test for U.S. Shift – Business Insider Article

Tensions are rising again in Southeast Asia as competing claims over the resource rich South China Sea push closer to boiling point. One would hope that countries in the region would take concerted action. That hope would be misplaced. An increasingly militarized land and sea grab continues despite calls for peaceful resolution. With the U.S. in full Asian tilt,…

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Radio Australia Interview on Myanmar Economy

Can Burma’s economy cope with sudden influx of foreign investment? With the relaxation of western sanctions Burma, foreign business interests are pouring in, eager to take advantage of what the resource-rich, strategically located country can offer. Can Burma’s economy cope with the sudden influx of foreign investment? But there are those, including opposition leader Aung…

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Foreign Affairs Article – How Not to Invest in Myanmar

(Re-printed from the original article here) Since Aung San Suu Kyi’s parliamentary election victory last April, Asian and Western businesspeople have flocked to Myanmar (also known as Burma), eager to take part in the re-emergence of a regional economic power. Over the last several months, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and, as of May, the…

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South China Sea

Tensions Rising Again in South China Sea

The ASEAN Regional Forum meets in Phnom Penh, Cambodia against the back-drop of increasingly militarized territorial disputes in the South China Sea. “Combat-ready” patrols by Chinese ships, Vietnamese military overflights of the Spratly’s, and the Philippines seeking U.S. reassurance that their Mutual Defense Treaty remains intact all point to rising risks of confrontation. In perhaps…

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