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Election Day 2016


Hello America, how are you?

I understand you’ve gone through a lot these past few months. People are pretty worked up.

I know, I know, all the statistics say the economy is better now than four years ago. Unemployment is down. The stock market is up. The weather’s not bad either. Pretty warm around here for November. But hey, as long as it’s sunny and seventy-five. Right?

There are a lot of immigrants, about 325 million of them, coast-to-coast, north to south. They really are everywhere. And the African Americans, the Hispanics, the women, the Muslims, the Jews. Not to mention the media, the international financial “elite”, business tycoons, the rigged election, the corrupt FBI, judges from Indiana, ugly women who don’t like to be sexually assaulted – unfair, the whole damn system and everyone in it.

You’re angry. I get it. Good to let it out now. Purge your demons. Release that pent up rage about how tough it is to make it in America with millions of dollars in loans, a string of bankruptcies and never having to say your sorry (or pay taxes.) Isn’t that what makes America great? The do-over?

Today is real though. No rewind button. No un-voting key. We make the future in our own image. It almost always flows forward, not backwards.

Feel better America. Take care of yourself. Choose wisely. We’re all rooting for a speedy recovery.

Brian • November 7, 2016

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